About Us

We are a full service unattended laundromat offering clothes washing and drying equipment for public use. Our hours of operations are daily from 6:00 AM until 11:30 PM.

The Perry Launderette first opened in 1969. It was the vision and hard work of Robert Iler that made this possible. The business was expanded to include drop off dry cleaning in 1971. Both the Laundromat and Dry cleaner were operated until the early 90’s when the regulation of dry cleaning equipment made operations too expensive to continue. The Laundromat portion of the business continues to operate today.

The challenge ahead of us now is modernization. Energy costs are forcing us to upgrade to more efficient equipment. This is an ongoing project that will require years of work and thousands of dollars. In 2004 a  new roof was installed along with a new heating and cooling system. 

In 2005 a new 98% energy efficient hot water heating system and holding tank was installed.  A new ceiling with energy eficient lighting and fans were also installed. In 2006 4 Dexter 45 pound energy and water efficient express washing machines were installed. In 2008 4 Dexter 35 pound energy efficient express washers were installed replacing four 30 year old Wascomat machines. In 2009 9 new Maytag front loading machines were installed replacing 9 GE top loading machines.

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