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Project Management Exam Prep

This course provides an overview of the basic Project Management concepts to prepare students for CAPM and PMP Certification examinations.  The course provides 36 hours of instruction utilizing stand-up training, presentation software, and collaborative learning techniques.

This is an Instructor led workshop utilizing multimedia

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The student will be able to:


  1. Project Management Framework

      A.     Introduction and Overview

  2. Project Life-cycle and organization

    A. Standard for Project Management of a Project

    B.    Project Management Process for a Project

  3. Project Management Knowledge Areas

    A.     Project Integration Management

    B.     Project Scope Management

    C.    Project Time Management

    D.    Project Cost Management

    E.    Project Quality Management

    F.    Project Human Resources Management

    G.    Project Communications Management

    H.    Project Risk Management

    I.    Project Procurement Management

  4.  Professional Responsibility

    A.    PMI Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

  5.  Course Summary

    A.    Topic Recap

    B.    Test Prep Strategies

Complete PMP Exam Prep Cost: $999      Individual Topic Cost: $99

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Workshops (duration is 1 hour)

Maintaining synergy while traversing the V Model

  By Veda Redrick, M.ED, PMP 

Many of us in the field of Information Technology are familiar with the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), but the V-Model is an extension of that in that it also includes the Testing Life Cycle components verification and validation. What pitfalls have other organizations encountered and how can you avoid them? This presentation will explore how you can effectively apply this model to your projects and achieve success. 

How can the team work within their respective disciplines and still work as a cohesive group? What can the Project Manager do to ensure that the team reaches a consensus on business rules, design requirements, the environment, testing (unit, application, performance), and finally user acceptance testing?

Cost: $199                           

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e-Commerce Web Site Development

  By Veda Redrick, M.ED, PMP, Bob Iler, B.S., Project Manager/Web Developer

This class is for business owners who may or may not have a web site, and needs to keep track of customers, process customer orders, process credit card/Pay Pal transactions, ship orders, and communicate with new and existing web customers.  Use content-management technologies to create an on-line store that will help to generate customer referrals for new or existing businesses via the web. Take this class if you need to understand how the Internet and e-mail can help grow your business. The class provides an overview of database technologies and how it is useful for keeping up with customers to facilitate e-mail marketing designed to increase repeat sales that will result in higher profits for your company. We will show you how to use innovative selling techniques like bulk mail and mass mailing to reach a broader audience and expand your customer base. Learn how to complete and customize your web site into an on-line store that contains: a full featured shopping cart system, a database to categorize all of your products or services, a search engine to allow customers to search your site, and a credit card gateway for processing orders. You will be amazed at how simple and easy it is to create and maintain your own web site without it costing you thousands of dollars.

Cost: $99

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Point-of-Sale Set-up for Business Owners

  By Veda Redrick, M.ED, PMP

Let us show you how to use your existing PC or laptop like a cash register and accept all major credit and debit cards to process sales. Generate reports to keep track of monthly sales, top selling items, sales tax, and peak sales times. The ability to run and review these reports will help you better manage your business and your inventory. Point-of-Sale software will help you manage your inventory, vendors, generate purchase orders, and print bar code tags. You can store customer name and addresses, print receipts with a detailed message, issue discounts, process gift cards to stimulate customer loyalty. Manage up to 10 stores from one location.

Cost: $99 

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