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"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

-John F. Kennedy

Why are we teaching the PMP Exam Prep Course?

As companies seek IT Professionals for hire, having a professional certification is what gives the IT Professional a degree of credibility, and possibly separates them from other potential candidates competing for the same position. The certifications offered through PMI are globally recognized certifications, so whether your desire is to work in the United States or outside its borders you will have demonstrated mastery in your respective field.

We want to de-mystify the PMP exam preparation process, chronicle the steps to obtain certification from A to Z, and explain the educational (course) requirements and work experience (professional) requirements for each type of PMI certification.  Some spend thousands of dollars to obtain PMP certification.  We do not feel self-improvement should cost this much. Many companies have cut education and training budgets, professionals are out of work and have little money to invest in their careers. This course is time well spent, and worth every penny.  

The Instructor will conduct a comparative analysis of the certifications available through PMI to aid participants in choosing the desired credential; discuss common terminology and suggested reading and activities to aid in the application process. As a group, we will take a cursory look at the PMBOK and explain its origins, contents, and usefulness in obtaining the desired PM credential.